How To: Convince your boss you had a doctor's appointment

Convince your boss you had a doctor's appointment

Ultimately a doctor's note is the only necessary proof needed to show your boss that you really did go to the doctor's but if you feel like making an airtight case you can always take a few extra steps to make sure there's not a shadow of a doubt.

Work for a scrooge who questions your every move? Here are some easy ways to prove you actually spent the morning getting poked and prodded.

You Will Need

* Smart phone
* Rubbing alcohol
* Bandages
* Cotton swabs
* Doctor's note
* Red pen (optional)
* Crackers and juice (optional)

While this video is awesome, it didn't go to medical school. Always consult your doctor for actual medical advice.

Step 1: Document it

Send your boss an annoying "Reminder: I'm at the doctor's!" e-mail from the waiting room. Document your delay by attaching a photo of your surroundings.

Step 2: Get on the scent

Just before you leave the exam room, dab some rubbing alcohol on your pulse points. The scent screams, "Medicine was here!"

Step 3: Rip off the bandage

Back at the office, if you had blood taken, make a big show of removing the bandage in front of your supervisor. No blood spilled? Mark a spot on your arm with a red pen and cover with a cotton swab and bandage.

To lay it on extra thick, nibble on crackers and juice in the break room.

Step 4: Leave the bottle

Casually leave any prescriptions strewn about your desk. But keep some things private – no one needs to know about certain meds.

Step 5: Test your reflexes

When your boss walks by, tell them you found out you have great reflexes. Hit yourself in the leg just below the knee and kick your leg forward.

Step 6: Get a note

Even if your manager's a real jerk, a note from your doctor is a foolproof solution. It worked to get you out of gym class, and the bullies in there were a lot worse than your boss.

A report found that in the United Kingdom in 2008, 35 percent of sick days were taken on Mondays.

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