How To: Make Money Writing Online with Google AdSense

Make Money Writing Online with Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a beautiful thing. They pay you for posting content online, whether it be through a third-party website like WonderHowTo or on your own website. WonderHowTo seems to be a good place to start from if you plan to make money with AdSense, but it's not the only place that you can submit content to and receive all of the revenue generated by the AdSense ad units. You may want to get a wider audience and more traffic, and for that you must look beyond the horizon of just one site.


  • I am not promoting any websites here! Just giving info on other websites that offer the same service to copywriters as this site. I have personally tried and successfully made money from all the websites listed below.


HubPages is a pretty cool website. It's very similar to WonderHowTo, where you write content and try to generate traffic. You must link your Google AdSense account to them and are paid for every impression and click. HubPages is much like the Worlds on WonderHowTo, where you create "Hubs" that are dedicated to one topic. The more interesting you make this topic, the more traffic. The better the Hub, the more HubPages will advertise your Hub.

Other Sites

I give a lot of kudos to HubPages because I have made a lot of money from their services. But here's a list of other websites which I have tried and made quite a bit of cash by sharing AdSense revenue:

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I was fascinated to read your article as I am looking for more ways to earn money from my expertise (knitting). Do the articles for other sites have to be different from the ones I've published on WHT? Any advice would be helpful. Thank you.

Judy, it is always best to post unique, original content on the web. Here at WonderHowTo, duplicate content is rejected, so if an article you write here ends up republished word-for-word somewhere else without linking back to the article on WonderHowTo, it will be rejected from WonderHowTo. To help establish your knitting expertise online, you should create a World ( and build a community. It will provide a place for people to come and find anything and everything about knitting, from an enthusiast like yourself!

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