How To: Dress for a business casual interview

Dress for  a business casual interview

In a recent poll taken by an online recruiting company revealed that 37 percent of all hiring managers do not hire someone based just on the way they dress, more than half said they'd hold it against a candidate if they hadn't worn a jacket and seventy percent said that they wouldn't hire anyone wearing jeans, a leather jacket or a polo shirt to the interview. The rules for office dress code have changed, more and more companies offer their employees a business-casual dress code which makes it all the more difficult for those applying for a job. Here's how to select an outfit that should be appropriate for virtually any interview. First off find out what the dress code of the company, do this by asking someone or simply going over during the workday and observing the attire of the employees. Let's go over the options open to us, firstly for men a safe way to go would be a suit with an open-collared shirt and no tie. Another safe option is a sport coat with slacks and an open-collared shirt. Never wear jeans to an interview, or a t-shirt and for that matter no athletic shoes. The same rules apply for women. A skirt was mandatory for interviews but as the rules have been relaxed now, women can now wear slacks to an interview. Avoid these don't at all costs and you certainly won't be let-off for just being under dressed.

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