How To: Make a successful curriculum vitae or resume

Make a successful curriculum vitae or resume

In this Business & Money video tutorial you will learn how to make a successful curriculum vitae or resume. This is the first step in getting your dream job. A well written CV captures the interest of the person who is reading it. Think yourself as a product and the CV is a piece of paper that is going to sell you. Don't be afraid to sell your skills and abilities. If you don't do it, nobody else is going to do it for you. First thing on top is to put your name; centered and bold. Then leave a space and put in your contact details. Always double check your contact details. No need to put your age. You could put a personal statement next. Take your time to write the personal statement for each CV. It should not be a generalized statement. It must be targeted at the job you are applying for. You can watch the video for more tips.

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