How To: Make a video resume with free online tools

Make a video resume with free online tools

Gus Cawley shares the ways to make a video resume with the help of free online tools. 1. Log in to YouTube. 2. Click upload and select quick capture. 3. Click the record button (be sure to have good lighting, good background and a high quality microphone for a more effective recording) 4. State the information of your resume. 5. Click the red square button to stop the recording then choose publish. 6. Edit the information of the video. In the description, put your contact details and information that the company your applying for needs. 7. Go back to my videos and click the video you made. 8. Copy the embed then go to VideoHeadHunter 9. Fill up the information needed (title, description, tags, field) 10. Click Submit. 11. Click embed then paste the copied embed in the available space. 12. Choose your thumbnail. 13. Put the time duration. 14. Click upload. 15. Click watch. If you want to make your video private, follow these instructions: 1. Click the video. 2. Click edit and choose private, disallow people from viewing. 3. Click update video. 4. Click watch and you will not see the video. Get this video in other sites: 1. Go to add your video in your social bookmarks and choose a social networking site. 2. You'll automatically be logged in. Click save. 3. Do it again in other desired sites. Follow these effective steps in making a video resume and surely you are going to get some activities in no time!

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