How To: Negotiate a salary right out of school

Negotiate a salary right out of school

This video tutorial is in the Business & Money category which will show you how to negotiate a salary right out of school. Of all the questions you can get asked in an interview, probably the toughest one to answer is "what are your salary expectations?" if you quote too low, you might leave some money on the table. And if you go too high, you may price yourself out of the job. So, what does a college student do? If they asked you the question in an interview, be clear that it's a negotiation. With any negotiation, you want to do 2 things. One, you want to go in with the most information that you can. And two, don't be the first person to throw out a number. Try and avoid the question if you can. Or, give them some ranges. You can watch the video for more tips.

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